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Carol's Christmas

  • 14th December, 2016

Carol's ChristmasFar to the west, a factory full of overworked and underpaid Christmas workers are ...

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Halloween 2016

  • 20th October, 2016

Halloween 2016A woman cries as a man lays dying, desperately they beg you to stop a cryptic killer ...

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The Ourania Altar

  • 13th October, 2016

The Ourania AltarSouth of Ardougne lies a trapdoor leading to the mysterious Ourania altar. Will yo...

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The Hill Giant Boss

  • 06th October, 2016

The Hill Giant BossDeep in the confines of the Edgeville dungeon, a giant hill giant lurks. Get you...

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The Wintertodt

  • 08th September, 2016

The WintertodtLocked behind the Doors of Dinh for 1,000 years, the Wintertodt has worn away at thei...

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Third-Party Clients

  • 05th August, 2016

We want to make all Old School RuneScape players aware of the risks regarding the use of unauthoris...

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Last Man Standing

  • 04th August, 2016

Last Man Standing24 players go in, one winner comes out.Last Man Standing is here! Head to world 31...

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Item Incinerator

  • 30th June, 2016

Item IncineratorHave you spent months staring at a stack of Serum 207s which you just can't be both...

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In Other News

  • 23rd June, 2016

In Other NewsWe always hear how much you love the small tweaks and fixes we include under the "In o...

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The Summer Ahead

  • 03rd June, 2016

We've got loads planned for summer in Old School and we've just put up a post detailing a few of th...

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Monkey Madness II

  • 05th May, 2016

Monkey Madness II"Mark my words - the monkeys are listening."Glough, the war criminal set on eradic...

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Ask us anything!

  • 15th April, 2016

We are currently doing an ask us anything on reddit - come along and ask anything you'd like on red...

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The E.O.C.

  • 01st April, 2016

E.O.C. is finally here!In celebration of Runescape's 15th Anniversary we've brought one of the most...

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Lootshare Dev Blog

  • 29th January, 2016

Ever since the Grand Exchange was released, and even before, a common request has been for us to re...

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Zeah: Great Kourend

  • 07th January, 2016

Zeah Part One: Great KourendZeah has arrived! The magnificent city of Great Kourend is now availabl...

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Old School in 2016

  • 01st January, 2016

2015 has been a spectacular year for Old School RuneScape. Over the past 12 months we have seen the...

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